Saturday, November 3, 2007

EXAM has just started!!!!

yesterday is my 1st paper of final exam...its quite tough and unpredictable.
everything that i read n focus not come out..
life is so unpredictable rite???
luckily i have focus in another topic that come out...
i jus hope dat i'll pass the exam n dun have to repeat da subject
if not it'll be hard for me to study...
forget bout da ldv
yesterday i felt very sad
coz my kkk loose in quarter final match against japanese pair...
im so sad coz cannot see my hero in final game in french open 2007..
but luckily kkk n his partner still at da 1st ranking in da world...
i hope they will focus on the next game to win again..

see u again..
goodluck for me for the next paper
n also goodluck for my koo kien keat