Friday, January 23, 2009


happy hols to all...
to chinese
enjoy ur holiday to da fullest
n dun forget to finish all ur works n assignments

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T E S T !

esok ade test
itu sahaja..
sekian dr KILOD

Friday, January 16, 2009


7 Ciri Lelaki Idaman Saya
1. mate sepet
2. pandai maen gitar
3. badan hot
4. berjinak2 dlm bab sukan
5. minat same dgn aku
6. syg aku seadanya
7. dpat bimbing aku ke jalan yg benar

7 Lelaki yang pernah saya minati
1. my ex primary skulmate[WMWQ]
3. FARID KAMIL[bntg mas]
4. andy lau
5. daniel wu
6. david beckham
7. liew darren

7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati
1. suke sgt
2. rase berdebar
3. blushing
4. x keruan
5. rase jd manusia terbahagie di dunia
6. pikir nk pki baju ape
7. pikir ape yg die pikir psl aku

7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang
1. badminton court[tournament/match]
2. pg pantai tgk matahari terbit
3. sah2 la HONEYMOON
4. jalan2 dgn die je xksh ke mane je
5. rumah parent die
6. pg bukit ke gunung yg nyaman tok spend time together
7. tgk movie la together gether

7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang
1. my love
2. myself
3. perfume
4. wallet
5. barang2 hantaran huhuhuhu
6. love ring
7. ape yg die mahukan

7 Lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang
1. tercipta unntukku [ungu]
2. sempurna [andra n the backbone]
3. terlanjur cinta [ungu feat rossa]
4. im yours [jason mraz]
5. atas nama cinta [rossa]
6. fall for you [die yg nyanyi utk sy]
7. sampai [kru]

7 person to tag
1. erma
2. ryna
3. nutz
4. naqib
5. faiz
6. dynat
7. asiela

itu saja dr KILOD

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

K E C E W A @ G E M B I R A ? ?

patotkah aku kecewa atau gembira??


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


2009 is coming n bring me bck to 2008 where i have learned lots of experience throughout the year..some were good and some were bad, but i have to take it seriously as it was good for the sake of myself...enough of last year's story...there's no room for turning back..i have to go far away to da future...
2009, is the year that is very important for me....dis year my father and mother have lost their job coz the factory has been closed down due to some problem that cant be avoided.this will be huge effect in my family as both my parent have lost their "mata pencarian".. as for back up, my mum has started her new job as baby sitter..thank god that HE gives us the rezeki for us to go on woth our lives..means that i have to remind myself to mind my financial budget because i have to rely only on my allowance..opss...i think it is too much on that...let me keep it for myself..
come to the class..there's one guy..i dun know what is his problem to me..i have realized it since last sem..last sem i still can accept it but a person's patience has a limit..what the heck is he he having mental my new year's resolution not to make people hurt, he has challenge my patience..what the fuck of him...i hate him very2 much...who do u think he is?is he think he's very good person in this world where he can say anything about everyone?people like dat are not allowed to be live in this world.they are supposed to be throw out in the ocean and being eaten by the shark or whale...i dun know may be he has over the limit and i cant take it anymore....