Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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happy 22nd birthday

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


first day in UM was totally miserable not for me but for daa whole cohort. it must be a GOOD start for us to remember.first class n da first day we already get our first assignment which need to be sent tomorrow.i only have 1 day to do da summary n submit it to my BELOVED lecturer. ive already learnt bout da assessment last semester and it was a horrible course but still i can get A.for this semester i dont know how to handle myself with da new environment, the pack timetable and also i hv to settle down everything in my new environment. oh gosh its really testing my passion because its not easy to adapt in da new environment.hahahaha..juz talk rubbish about classes in UM n i still enjoying myself with my coursemate around and also my in my new house is comfortable but still i miss my BINTANGMAS house where everything is there.hahahahaha...stop for today.ive not written since i moving out from bintang mas.this is da chance where i can online during my PBEY3102 class.hehehe..thnx to pn.foziah.....c u again next time...