Thursday, April 23, 2009

otanjōbi omedetō gozaimasu

dun know wut to say..long time x post blog kn..act im very annoyed wif ny blog layout..i dun know wut happen to da layout...nvr mind la...abaikan nih, nk reflect kt diri sndri what have i done during da revision week??NOTHING!!!!yes..dats da answer..tired of studying n doing things like workshop n etc...dun know mybe ive bored and tired wif all the works dat hv been given..all these 4 years ive done like da same stuff n feel like dun want to do it anymore..but anyhow it is a must as a students, to bear wif it choice..ive another 2 years to finish my studies..some of my fren hv finished theis studies some of them r in final year bout me??i only step into 3rd year...go KILOD!!!chiayo!!!!somehow feels like dun hv da spirit anymore to continue...hahahhahaha...forget about studies for a while...what uve done to urself as u will move on to 22???do u satisfied wif what u've achieved kilod??da answer is in urself...u know whether u satisfied or not...22 means more and lots of responsibilities are waiting for doesnt mean dat u r old enough to do certain things age cant count...22??hahaha..dun know how to feel..myb its just a number dat everyone will face...seems like ive gone through lots of experience dat makes my 22 years of life are meaningful..for certain ppl myb in da age of 22 they are already married or get a child already..juz like my mom...she was married when she was u imagine it??hahaha..i cant imagine if my life is da same wif my mom...i still cant face da life as someone's wife or mom...its really complicated...btw,22 measn matured..uve to be matured enough kilod in everything u do...uve to think of everyone dat revolve around u...not just enjoying life as ORANG MUDA but instead of enjoying use the excitement to improve urself to be someone better...dun act like a child anymore eventhough ur body size doesnt show u r 22..hahahahah...size doesnt matter rite??da important part is ur metality n maturity...k la...gtg..i think ive wrotten long enough...good luck for me for my final exam in mktb...feel sad but life must go on omedeto gozaimas to me!!!!!