Saturday, November 15, 2008


hi everybody..
today im very happy coz my dream has came true..i was able to accomplish my dream to meet in person with my KOO KIEN KEAT...oh my god i dont know know what im feeling rite now...yesterday i went to Johor Open 2008 at Stadium Bandaraya Johor Bahru with my sister, ziham and her sister...i was intentionally went there to meet my KKK..but i x sangke la yesterday was my lucky day...i dapat jumpe my KKK and also his partner TBH...i rase cm mimpi jer...sampai2 sane i da nmpk die kt bwh,then i tros gelisah cm org gile..then ziham n adek i kate pg la amek gmbr dgn die..i pn ape lg x lpas kn peluang la..tros ajak ziham turon bwh..mule2 takot gk..takot x bo turon..i kuatkn hati n no turning back..i tros melulu turon bwh n ckp kt die nk amek gmbr..then da amek gmbar i salam la die...tros cm xlarat gile sbb the moment dat i waited so long u know...yesterday it was really anyone yg xcaye nnt i post gmbr k...even die kalah i xksh sbb i da dpt amek gmbr dgn die...hihihihi

Friday, November 7, 2008

H O L I D A Y ! ! !

hi again bloggie...
long time didnt write been bz STUDYING for my final...
so, there's no time for is my freedom of this hectic, busy and miserable last paper is maths and i was able to answer it i dun know wut to say either good or bad..hahahahha...b4 maths was approaches and first paper was it was so glad that dis semester is end was a very long journey...i cannot wait for my holiday..i want to get full rest during the the way, i will be busy during holiday...hahahahah..need rest but busy..what is that??i will join the orchestra during this it is so great coz i have been waited for about four years to play trumpet i wont let go this opportunity..tomorrow i'll be back to my hometown for quite long i think my bloggie will be left over by me for about 1 n half month..sorry bloggie butu i dun have any other choice...coz i dun have the internet connection at my house..lazy to go to CC...hihihi...i need rest coz i have been commited to lots of probs in the time being...the probs are very complicated and it effects my emotional intelligence...argh,i dun like it..its a psychology this holiday i will use it wisely to improve my psychology and my emotional boring...enough of the i was having a good day..not only my exam was over but i went out with my guppies n celebrated erma's birthday...act she treated us a fun because at first we wanted to have a karaoke session at SOGO to release our tension..but then the rooms all were fully booked and we decided to go to Pavilion and watch movies..the funny part was...we planned to go there by taxi then we tahan the taxi and at first he wanted 3 person for RM15..then we bargain and we were shocked that the taxi driver offered us for 6 people for RM20...we were very shocked n dun wasted was so fun having 7 people including the taxi driver in a was really fun and we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest forgetting all the problems that disturbing us...hahhahahah....i think it is enough for is very long u again another 1 or 2 months ok...sorry for not updatong during everyone HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!get back in peace ok....da!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


exam da dkat
tggl sehari jerk...


study x lagi..
hambar sgt....
tolonglah hambamu ini mencari semangat untuk belajar...
kepada kawan2 ku..
selamat berjaya!!!
good luck!!!!
mesti rmi yg tgh struggle exam skrg nih

nnt smbg lg k